1. UN nuclear weapons ban treaty to enter into force  The Hindu
  2. Nuclear weapons ban treaty to enter into force: UN  Hindustan Times
  3. Treaty banning nuclear weapons to enter into force  Al Jazeera English
  4. Treaty banning nuclear weapons to enter into force: UN  The Hindu
  5. Now that nuclear weapons are illegal, the Pacific demands truth on decades of testing  The Guardian
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  1. Wavel Ramkalawan wins Seychelles elections: Reports  Hindustan Times
  2. Seychelles opposition candidate wins presidential election  Al Jazeera English
  3. Seychelles votes to elect president, parliament  Al Jazeera English
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While her father rails against ‘idiot’ scientists, Ivanka Trump talks ice cream  The Indian ExpressView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Donald Trump Had Offered Me Post Of Secretary Of State: Nikki Haley  NDTV
  2. China a ‘number one national security threat’ to US: Nikki Haley  Hindustan Times
  3. Donald Trump stopped providing 'billion dollars' to terror-harbouring Pakistan: Nikki Haley  Times Now
  4. "Trump Understands Your Power": Campaign Official To Indian Americans  NDTV
  5. Nikki Haley says Donald Trump offered post of Secretary of State to her, but she politely refused  Firstpost
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  1. VP Mike Pence tested negative for Covid-19 after top aide tested positive  Hindustan Times
  2. US Vice President Mike Pence's Top Aide Tests Positive For Coronavirus  NDTV
  3. Coronavirus: Mike Pence’s close aide, four others related to campaign test positive  Scroll.in
  4. COVID-19: US Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff tests positive  Moneycontrol
  5. Mike Pence adviser Marty Obst caught Covid-19, adding to White House outbreak  Hindustan Times
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  1. US: First ‘Murder hornet’ nest vacuumed from tree in Washington  Hindustan Times
  2. First Ever Nest Of Asian Giant Hornets Found In US  NDTV
  3. Washington state crews destroy first US murder hornet nest  The Guardian
  4. US scientists find country’s first ‘murder hornet’ nest  Al Jazeera English
  5. First US murder hornet nest located in Washington state  The Guardian
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  1. Pompeo, Esper to push Trump’s anti-China message in India  Hindustan Times
  2. As Pompeo campaigns against China, a growing welcome in India  Mint
  3. Monitoring India-China issue, don’s want situation to escalate: top US official  The Indian Express
  4. LAC, military pact on the table for India-US talks  The Tribune India
  5. India-US 2+2 dialogue to focus on regional security cooperation, defence trade  Hindustan Times
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  1. Coronavirus second wave: Lessons India can learn from Europe  Moneycontrol
  2. India sees 580 more Covid deaths, lowest in 98 days  Times of India
  3. Coronavirus India Live Updates: Recovery rate touches 90%, Health Ministry calls it ‘a new milestone’  The Indian Express
  4. Coronavirus state-wise tally October 25: Delhi's COVID-19 tally rises to 3.5 lakh  Moneycontrol
  5. Latest News Live: India's Covid-19 recovery rate touches 90%  Economic Times
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  1. ‘No change in stand on homosexuality’: Kerala Catholic body after Pope Francis’ civil union endorsement  The Indian Express
  2. Gravitas: Pope Francis endorses same-sex civil unions  WION
  3. Plot thickens over origins of Pope’s civil union endorsement  The Indian Express
  4. Pope Francis’s comments in support of civil unions are an important stepping stone for LGBTQ rights  The Washington Post
  5. The Pope and Same-Sex Civil Unions  The New York Times
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  1. US Elections 2020 HIGHLIGHTS: Intelligence agencies say Iran, Russia have tried to meddle in polls  The Indian Express
  2. US officials say Russia, Iran have obtained voter information  Al Jazeera English
  3. My elderly mother was sent one of the threatening Proud Boys emails. So why wasn’t I?  The Independent
  4. US says Iran, Russia obtained voter registration info  Times of India
  5. US Election 2020 | Russian hackers targeting state governments, local networks: Officials  Moneycontrol
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  1. Snowden granted permanent residency in Russia  Times of India
  2. Whistleblower Edward Snowden granted permanent residency in Russia, reports say  The Independent
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  1. Bias, Hatred, Rudeness: Trump Walks Out Of Interview Over Questions  NDTV
  2. 'No way to talk': Donald Trump walks out of 60 seconds interview  Guardian News
  3. What Trump said in CBS 60 minutes interview  Al Jazeera English
  4. Victory is still within reach — yet Trump can’t help but run his own campaign into the ground  The Independent
  5. ‘That’s no way to talk’: Trump posts video showing him abruptly ending 60 Minutes interview  The Independent
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  1. US urges Sri Lanka to make ‘difficult but necessary’ choices over China ties  Hindustan Times
  2. Pompeo says designating six China-based media firms as foreign missions  Times of India
  3. China Vows Necessary Response To U.S. Crackdown On Chinese Media  News18
  4. China condemns US media control, calls it ‘political oppression’  Hindustan Times
  5. ‘Political oppression’: China condemns US move to designate 6 more media outlets as foreign missions  Scroll.in
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  1. Pakistan still a haven for terror, India says on FATF decision eve  Times of India
  2. Day before Imran Khan’s big FATF test, India hammers Pak for terror safe havens  Hindustan Times
  3. FATF review of spot on Grey List: Pakistan has not completed action items, says MEA  The Indian Express
  4. On Eve of FATF Decision on 'Grey Listing', India Says Pakistan Is Safe Haven for Terrorists  The Wire
  5. India calls Pakistan 'safe haven for terror entities' ahead of FATF test  Hindustan Times
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India buzzes with fake news of 'civil war' in Pakistan  BBC NewsView Full coverage on Google News
  1. US presidential debate LIVE: People can come here but legally, says Donald Trump  Hindustan Times
  2. US Presidential Debate 2020 Live Updates: Trump says vaccine unlikely before Nov 3 polls  The Indian Express
  3. Final Presidential Debate Between Trump And Biden Begins  News18
  4. Is capital finally losing faith in Trump?  The Guardian
  5. Joe Biden aides say he’s ready for Donald Trump debate attacks on Hunter  Hindustan Times
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  1. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to resign as he 'can’t survive on £150k salary'  Times Now
  2. Theresa May reacts in shock as Michael Gove addresses Brexit security fears  Guardian News
  3. The Guardian view on Boris Johnson's Covid gamble: not a winning wager  The Guardian
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  1. 2,000-Year-Old Cat Figure Found Etched In Peru Desert  NDTV
  2. Larger-than-life Feline: 2,000-Year-Old Cat Etching Found at Nazca Lines World Heritage Site in Peru  News18
  3. Archaeologists uncover massive cat design etched into desert, dates back to between 200 and 100BC  Times Now
  4. A 2,000-year-old carving of a cat in a hillside in Peru makes waves on social media  The Indian Express
  5. WATCH: Giant Drawing of a 2,200-year-old Cat Discovered in Peru’s Nazca Lines Goes Viral  News18
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  1. In 2016, Trump won these Rust Belt counties on the economy. In 2020, he might lose them over coronavirus  Economic Times
  2. US Elections 2020: Obama to campaign for Kamala Harris  Oneindia
  3. For Donald Trump, city where ‘bad things happen’ looms large  Hindustan Times
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First commercial passenger flight from UAE lands in Israel  Al Jazeera EnglishView Full coverage on Google News
  1. ‘Absolutely not’ surprised Donald Trump got Covid-19: Anthony Fauci  Hindustan Times
  2. Trump calls Fauci ‘a disaster’: US Election live news  Al Jazeera English
  3. Fauci 'Absolutely Not' Surprised Trump Got Covid-19 from 'Superspreader' Rose Garden Event  News18
  4. Trump lumps Dr Fauci among ‘idiots’ but suggests he won’t Fire him  Hindustan Times
  5. Donald Trump says people are tired of hearing about Covid-19  The Indian Express
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  1. In Pictures: Churches set ablaze as Chile protests turn violent  Aljazeera.com
  2. PICS: Churches Burnt as Chile Protest Anniversary Rallies Turn Violent  News18
  3. Churches burned amid tense anniversary protests in Chile  Guardian News
  4. Chile rallies turn violent, raising concern about referendum vote  Al Jazeera English
  5. Churches torched in Santiago as thousands mark Chile protest movement anniversary  Deccan Chronicle
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  1. Python wraps itself around woman’s leg. Watch what happens next  Hindustan Times
  2. Horrifying Video Shows Python Coiled Around Woman's Leg  NDTV
  3. Massive python coils around woman's leg as she tries to rescue it, calls police for help [WATCH]  Times Now
  4. Watch: Python coils around woman’s leg after she tries to rescue it from under car  The Indian Express
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Rakhine armed group seized Myanmar governing party candidates  Al Jazeera EnglishView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Nagorno-Karabakh: Sirens, shelling and shelters in Stepanakert  Al Jazeera English
  2. Armenia-Azerbaijan war: Death toll in Nagorno-Karabakh rises to 633 with 29 new deaths  Zee News
  3. Nagorno-Karabakh feud: Death toll among military reaches 633  Hindustan Times
  4. Armenia, Azerbaijan battle an online war over Nagorno-Karabakh  Al Jazeera English
  5. Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire marred by accusations of new attacks, aid delay  Zee News
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  1. European powers condemn Israel’s settlement approvals  Al Jazeera English
  2. Israeli parliament backs UAE normalisation deal  Economic Times
  3. Israeli parliament formally approves UAE normalisation deal  The Hindu
  4. Saudi foreign minister hints at resolving Qatar blockade  Al Jazeera English
  5. UAE, Israel working on double tax treaty to encourage investment  Economic Times
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  1. 2 Charged With Endangering Queen As Thai Protests Continue  News18
  2. ‘I’m not afraid’: Thai protesters defy ban on protest gatherings  Hindustan Times
  3. Protesters in Thailand defy government crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrations  Guardian News
  4. Thailand’s Prayuth will not resign, protesters vow more rallies  Al Jazeera English
  5. Thailand protests: Activists charged with endangering queen could be jailed for life  The Independent
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Mark Mobius says markets could have a 'dramatic fall' if US election outcome is contested  MoneycontrolView Full coverage on Google News
  1. LeT, JeM backing Taliban in fighting in Helmand, says top Afghan official  Hindustan Times
  2. Pakistan's proxy war strategy exposed in Helmand offensive by the Taliban, reports Afghan media  Times of India
  3. Imran Khan window dresses Pak record on terror, gets groups to change tactics  Hindustan Times
  4. It's not just India, Pakistan also covets the Afghanistan borderlands  Economic Times
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  1. Watch: Vulture hitching ride on paraglider’s selfie stick gets millions of views  The Indian Express
  2. Vulture hitches ride on paraglider's selfie stick, watch viral video  Times Now
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Trolled For Wearing Low-Cut Blazer, Finland PM Finds Support On Twitter  NDTVView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Joe Biden vows to repeal ‘Muslim ban’ imposed by Donald Trump admin if elected  Hindustan Times
  2. US Elections 2020 Live updates: Biden vows to repeal ‘Muslim ban’ imposed by Trump admin if elected  The Indian Express
  3. Donald Trump says he will accept peaceful transfer of power post polls as Joe Biden leads Presidential race  Times Now
  4. Someone finally held Trump to account — and it wasn’t Joe Biden  The Independent
  5. Donald Trump accuses Joe Biden of corruption, says he belongs to political class that enriches self  Hindustan Times
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  1. Coronavirus India lockdown Day 201 updates | Mamata to inaugurate Durga Pujas virtually from October 15  The Hindu
  2. India records lowest number of daily covid cases in nearly two months  Mint
  3. 55,342 New Coronavirus Cases In India, Lowest In Nearly 2 Months  NDTV
  4. The mystery of India’s low coronavirus death rate  Hindustan Times
  5. Covid: India's coronavirus outbreak in 200 seconds - BBC News  BBC News
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  1. Captured on doorbell camera: This is how economist Paul Milgrom had to be informed about Nobel win  Times of India
  2. "Paul, You Have Won The Nobel Prize": Co-Winner's 2:15 am Knock On Door  NDTV
  3. This year's Nobel Prize in economics celebrates an idea that has failed India  Economic Times
  4. Economists are starting to think like engineers  Mint
  5. Economic Sciences Nobel | Auctions, they’re all around us  Moneycontrol.com
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  1. Europe recording more daily Covid-19 cases than India, shows data  Hindustan Times
  2. Coronavirus live news: Trump 'tests negative' for Covid; major vaccine trial paused  The Guardian
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Pushback to Xi Jinping to reflect in US approach to ‘One China’ policy | Analysis  Hindustan TimesView Full coverage on Google News
Mexican Prez Seeks Journo Wife's Help to Get Back Moctezuma's Feather Headdress from Austria  News18View Full coverage on Google News
  1. Herd Immunity is scientifically and ethically problematic: WHO  Mint
  2. Covid-19 vaccine tracker, Oct 13: Herd immunity a ‘scientifically and ethically problematic’ concept, says WHO  The Indian Express
  3. UN warns against pursuing herd immunity to stop coronavirus, says ‘allowing dangerous virus to run free...  Hindustan Times
  4. China Tests Entire City For Virus As WHO Slams Herd Immunity Idea  NDTV
  5. We cannot just wait for COVID-19 vaccine, must save lives with tools we have: WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Gheb...  Zee News
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  1. Video: Brave 5-Year-Old Tries To Protect His Mum From Armed Home Invaders  NDTV
  2. 5-year-old boy defends him mum from armed home invaders, hailed a hero [WATCH]  Times Now
  3. Indiana police release video showing a 5-year-old tackling armed gunman during home invasion  CTV News
  4. 5-year-old boy tackles gunman during Indiana home invasion  FOX 13 Tampa Bay
  5. Boy, 5, tackles armed intruder during terrifying home invasion in South Bend  7NEWS.com.au
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Nagorno-Karabakh: New weapons for an old conflict spell danger  Al Jazeera EnglishView Full coverage on Google News
US Ousts China From Romania Nuclear Project  NDTVView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Seven swing states that may make or break fortunes in US presidential elections  Times of India
  2. US Election 2020: Ohio county says nearly 50,000 voters received wrong ballots  Hindustan Times
  3. US Elections 2020: Trump or Biden who go be di president? You decide  BBC News
  4. Trump says 2020 will be 'one of greatest, most fraudulent elections ever'  The Independent
  5. Cellphones in hand, ‘Army for Trump’ readies poll watching operation  Hindustan Times
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  1. Donald Trump to hold first rally since Covid-19 illness in Florida on Monday  Hindustan Times
  2. "Got Retested. Right Now, I'm Medication-Free": Trump On Covid Treatment  NDTV
  3. Trump To Resume Campaigning With An In-person White House Event  News18
  4. Mitch McConnell says no Covid-19 bill likely before Election Day  Times of India
  5. Donald Trump Says Wants To Hold Campaign Rally Saturday In Florida  NDTV
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  1. Man United's Marcus Rashford awarded MBE for his work on children's school meals  ESPN India
  2. Queen's Birthday Honours 2020: David Sterling awarded knighthood  BBC News
  3. Queen’s Birthday Honours list: Who is on Queen’s Birthday Honours list? FULL LIST  Express
  4. Joe Wicks shares heartwarming reaction after revealing incredible news | HELLO!  HELLO!
  5. Birthday Honours: Covid heroes honoured alongside Kelly and Muirhead  BBC News
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  1. Exotic Animal Collector Featured On 'Tiger King' Is Arrested  News18
  2. Tiger King’s Doc Antle charged with wildlife trafficking and animal cruelty  The Independent
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Implications of Donald Trump testing Covid-19 positive — for the presidency, and US election  The Indian ExpressView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Kim Jong Un set to show off nuclear advances in message to Trump  Hindustan Times
  2. North Korea State Media Quiet Ahead Of Expected Military Parade  News18
  3. China’s Xi says intends to deepen relations with North Korea  The Indian Express
  4. North Korea prepares for big military parade despite coronavirus concern; Kim may speak  Times of India
  5. North Korea Celebrates Party Anniversary Amid Economic Woes  News18
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  1. "We Had A Super Spreader Event In White House," Says Top US Health Expert  NDTV
  2. Anthony Fauci calls Donald Trump’s White House ceremony a ‘super-spreader event’  Hindustan Times
  3. Trump to hold first rally in Florida since COVID illness, Fauci says event would be within CDC guidelines  Economic Times
  4. White House hosted Covid 'superspreader' event, says Dr Fauci  BBC News
  5. White House hosted Covid 'super spreader' event on 26 Sept, says Dr Fauci  Mint
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  1. US Elections 2020: Second debate canceled as Biden condemns Trump for ‘reckless’ conduct  The Indian Express
  2. "Each Candidate Has Alternate Plan": 2nd US Presidential Debate Cancelled  NDTV
  3. US Presidential Debate Scheduled for October 15 Officially Cancelled After Trump Balked  News18
  4. US Election 2020: Donald Trump to resume campaigning from today, refuses to take part in second debate agai...  Zee News
  5. US Elections: 2nd presidential debate is officially canceled  Mint
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  1. 'They Need US as Ally in This Fight': Mike Pompeo Warns of China Risks Ahead of Talks With India  News18
  2. China have begun to amass huge forces against India: Mike Pompeo  Times of India
  3. ‘Tide’s begun to turn’: Pompeo says US, India partners in fight against China  Hindustan Times
  4. "They Need US To Be Their Ally": Mike Pompeo On India Amid China Standoff  NDTV
  5. Mike Pompeo warns of China risks ahead of US-India talks  Mint
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