1. Hydroxychloroquine: Can India help Trump with unproven 'corona drug'?  BBC News
  2. Covid-19: India mulls Trump's request to lift ban on hydroxychloroquine export  Livemint
  3. Anti-malarial drug trial against Covid-19 to be used in US hospital  The Tribune India
  4. Front Row at the Trump Show review: Jonathan Karl's pre-pandemic warning  The Guardian
  5. Trump warns of 'toughest week' of pandemic yet - BBC News  BBC News
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  1. New coronavirus cases in Spain drop to lowest in over 2 weeks  Livemint
  2. Spain Sees 3rd Daily Drop In Coronavirus Deaths  NDTV News
  3. Spain to widen coronavirus tests as hopes rise for easing lockdown  Times of India
  4. Spain witnesses drop in coronavirus deaths for third day  Hindustan Times
  5. 'We Have to Endure': Spain Plans to Extend State of Emergency by 15 Days as Covid-19 Cases Slow Down  News18
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  1. South Korea reports fewer than 50 new coronavirus cases  Times of India
  2. South Korea Reports Fewer than 50 New Coronavirus Cases for First Time since February 29 Peak  News18
  3. South Korea extends intensive social distancing to reach 50 daily coronavirus cases  Times of India
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  1. Pakistan's coronavirus cases reach 3,277  Times of India
  2. COVID-19: Pakistan Quarantines 20,000 Worshippers Who Attended Tablighi Jamaat Event in Lahore  News18
  3. More than 300 Tablighi Jamaat members test positive in Pak  Times of India
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Death at home: the unseen toll of Italy's coronavirus crisis  Times of IndiaView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Death toll in US could be 'well short' of President Trump's projections: Bill Gates  Moneycontrol
  2. Bill Gates to spend billions to produce 7 potential coronavirus vaccines  Livemint
  3. Madonna Joins Forces With Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Help Create COVID-19 Vaccine  News18
  4. Bill Gates is ‘wasting’ billions of dollars amid Coronavirus outbreak; says it is worth it  The Financial Express
  5. Bill Gates says virus death toll may not reach experts’ worst case  Livemint
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  1. US braces for 'hardest week' in coronavirus fight: Live updates  Al Jazeera English
  2. 'It's Our Pearl Harbour, 9/11 Moment': Virus Deaths in US Rise, But Some States Refuse to Order Isolation  News18
  3. With over 9,000 deaths, US enters 'hardest, saddest' week in coronavirus crisis  Livemint
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  1. Iran to resume low-risk economic activities amid COVID-19 crisis  Al Jazeera English
  2. Iran To Restart "Low-Risk" Economic Activities Soon  NDTV News
  3. Iran's Rouhani Says Low-Risk Economic Activities to Resume from April 11 Amid Coronavirus  News18
  4. Coronavirus: Iran health authorities fear increase in cases  Al Jazeera America
  5. Iran to restart 'low-risk' economic activities soon  Economic Times
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  1. Amid coronavirus crisis, a look at countries untouched by the deadly contagion  Hindustan Times
  2. Explained: How some Pacific nations have held off COVID-19, but are still at risk  The Indian Express
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15 Indians dead globally due to coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, 6 deaths reported in US, 5 in Italy  Zee NewsView Full coverage on Google News
  1. UK says 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory is fake nonsense  Livemint
  2. "Dangerous Nonsense": UK Minister Junks 5G-Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory  NDTV News
  3. Mast fire probe amid 5G coronavirus claims  BBC News
  4. Gove warns 5G-coronavirus conspiracy theory is 'dangerous nonsense'  Guardian News
  5. The celebrity coronavirus scaremongers spreading wild conspiracy theories to fans around the world  The Irish Sun
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  1. Keir Starmer is new Labour leader; regaining ‘Indian’ support key task  Hindustan Times
  2. Explained: Who is Keir Starmer, UK Labour Party’s new leader?  The Indian Express
  3. UK's Labour Party has a new chief  Livemint
  4. Keir Starmer’s victory speech: What he said – and what he really meant  The Independent
  5. With Keir Starmer in charge of Labour, the Tories can be held to account again  The Guardian
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  1. A nation built to withstand a pandemic  The Hindu
  2. Even in Coronavirus Pandemic, the Japanese Won't Work From Home Until PM Shinzo Abe Makes Them  News18
  3. As Japan coronavirus cases rise, Tokyo nudges PM Abe to declare state of emergency  The Indian Express
  4. As coronavirus cases rise, Japan urges hospital beds be saved for the severely ill  Moneycontrol
  5. 'Mr Abe, It's an Emergency': Japan's Coronavirus Cases Rise, Hospital Beds to be Saved for Those Severely...  News18
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  1. Italy's Intensive Care Coronavirus Cases Drop For First Time  NDTV News
  2. Italy sees signs of hope despite 766 new coronavirus deaths and toll at 14,681  Livemint
  3. Italy's Daily Tally of Coronavirus Deaths and Cases Steady With 766 New Fatalities  News18
  4. COVID-19 pandemic: Italy registers 119,827 coronavirus infections, death toll at 14,681  Times Now
  5. Italy's worst-hit regions ease as infection slows down  Deccan Chronicle
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  1. COVID-19 outbreak in Libya could be 'catastrophic' for migrants  Al Jazeera English
  2. 'Migrants never disappeared': the lone rescue ship braving a pandemic  The Guardian
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Donald Trump recommends Americans wear face masks in public  Times of IndiaView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Kabul gurdwara attack 'mastermind' ISKP chief Mawlawi Abdullah arrested  Times of India
  2. Islamic State Khorasan chief Farooqui, who plotted Kabul gurdwara attack, arrested  Hindustan Times
  3. Kabul gurdwara: Islamic State Khorasan chief arrested for plotting the attack  Scroll.in
  4. Kabul gurdwara attack ‘mastermind’ arrested  The Hindu
  5. ISKP chief’s arrest for gurdwara attack brings out clear link to Pakistan’s ISI: Official  Hindustan Times
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"Lockdown Could Be Extended In Some Areas": Maharashtra Minister  NDTV NewsView Full coverage on Google News
Bengaluru airport a bustling hub of activity even during lockdown  Times of IndiaView Full coverage on Google News
  1. US weekly jobless claims blow past 6 million mark  Times of India
  2. 6.65 Million File For Unemployment Benefits In US Amid Coronavirus Crisis  NDTV News
  3. A record 6.6 million seek US jobless aid as layoffs mount  Moneycontrol
  4. US weekly jobless claims break new record as pandemic pushes global economy into severe recession  Daily Sabah
  5. U.S. Jobless Claims Soar to Once-Unthinkable Record 6.65 Million  BloombergQuint
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  1. Pakistan court overturns murder conviction in Daniel Pearl case  Hindustan Times
  2. Daniel Pearl: Pakistan overturns convicted man's death sentence  BBC News
  3. Daniel Pearl murder: U.S. slams Pakistan court’s overturning of death sentence, calls it ‘affront’ to victims of terrorism  The Hindu
  4. Omar Sheikh’s death sentence for US journalist’s murder overturned by Pak court  Hindustan Times
  5. Pakistan court overturns conviction in Daniel Pearl killing  Al Jazeera English
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  1. France Reports 471 More Coronavirus Hospital Deaths, Toll Tops 4,500  News18
  2. France records 509 coronavirus deaths in a single day, toll tops 4,000  Times Now
  3. Coronavirus: More than 350,000 people fined in France for breaking lockdown rules  The Independent
  4. France Records 471 More Coronavirus Hospital Deaths In Single Day  NDTV News
  5. France Reports Record 499 Coronavirus Deaths in One Day, Toll Reaches 3,523  News18
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  1. The world hit 1 million coronavirus infections. Here’s how we got here  Livemint
  2. "How Do We Know": Trump Doubts China's Official Coronavirus Death Count  NDTV News
  3. Donald Trump casts doubt on Chinese coronavirus figures  Economic Times
  4. Coronavirus | Wuhan initially downplayed crisis, says China expert Dali Yang  The Hindu
  5. Coronavirus impact | US officials agree on new ways to control high tech exports to China: Sources  Moneycontrol
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  1. Saudi Arabia imposes 24-hour curfew in Mecca and Medina  Times of India
  2. 24-Hour Curfew In Muslim Holy Cities Mecca, Medina Over COVID-19  NDTV News
  3. Covid-19 updates: Saudi imposes 24-hour coronavirus curfew in holy cities  Hindustan Times
  4. Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia imposes 24-hour curfew in Mecca, Medina to contain COVID-19  Livemint
  5. Curfew in Mecca, Medina extended to 24 hours over coronavirus  Al Jazeera English
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  1. Indian-Origin Shopping Complex In Singapore Confirms Coronavirus Cluster  NDTV News
  2. Seven Indians among 74 new coronavirus cases in Singapore  The New Indian Express
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  1. Covid-19|World Bank fast tracks $1 billion support for India  Moneycontrol
  2. World Bank Approves $1 Billion Emergency Funds For India To Fight Virus  NDTV News
  3. World Bank approves $1 bn emergency financing for India to tackle coronavirus  Livemint
  4. Coronavirus | World Bank approves $1 billion emergency funds for India to tackle pandemic  The Hindu
  5. COVID-19: World Bank approves USD 1 billion emergency financing for India  Times Now
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  1. Donald Trump warns Americans of a tough two weeks ahead in coronavirus fight  Economic Times
  2. Americans should be prepared for 1-2 lakh COVID-19 deaths: White House  Livemint
  3. US Headed For "Very Painful Two Weeks" Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: Donald Trump  NDTV News
  4. Coronavirus: Trump warns US headed for 'very, very painful two weeks'  Times of India
  5. Coronavirus pandemic | Trump warns Americans of a tough two weeks ahead in COVID-19 fight  Moneycontrol
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Coronavirus cases in Pakistan reach 1,865  Economic TimesView Full coverage on Google News
India Sends COVID-19 Protective Gear To Serbia Amid Huge Shortage At Home  NDTV NewsView Full coverage on Google News
  1. COVID-19 Deaths In US Cross 4,000, More Than Double In 3 Days: Report  NDTV News
  2. US virus death toll exceeds official China tally: Johns Hopkins  Hindustan Times
  3. Are all coronavirus cases being reported? I Inside Story  Al Jazeera English
  4. 865 COVID-19 Patients Dead In US, Highest In One Day: Report  NDTV News
  5. Coronavirus: US death toll overtakes China's, according to Johns Hopkins data  The Independent
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  1. China starts to report asymptomatic coronavirus cases  Times of India
  2. Does China Have 40,000 Asymptomatic Virus Cases? Officials Release Secret Data of 'Uncounted' Figures  News18
  3. Coronavirus update: China to add asymptomatic Covid-19 patients to disease tally  Hindustan Times
  4. China to reveal a key Coronavirus finding: People with no symptoms  Economic Times
  5. China pivots to tackle 'silent' Covid-19 carriers as US says a quarter of cases may have no symptoms  The Guardian
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  1. Coronavirus News India LIVE Updates: Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra jump to 320  Moneycontrol
  2. Coronavirus Live Updates: 16 More Test Positive In Mumbai, Two More Die In Maharashtra  Outlook India
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  1. IMF can develop innovative methods for meeting COVID-19 related financing requirements: FM Sitharaman at G20  Moneycontrol
  2. Covid-19: G20 finance ministers push for joint action plan by April 15  Hindustan Times
  3. G20 FMs, central bank governors decide on joint effort  Economic Times
  4. Sitharaman urges IMF to devise innovative methods to fund Covid-19 requirements  Livemint
  5. G20 finance ministers to hold virtual talks on coronavirus crisis  The Hindu
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  1. Mike Pompeo and Jaishankar discuss coordinated approach to COVID-19  Moneycontrol
  2. S Jaishankar speaks to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on COVID-19 spread  TIMES NOW
  3. Pompeo dials Jaishankar, says ‘our close cooperation is imperative to combat coronavirus’  Hindustan Times
  4. Cooperation "Imperative" To Combat Coronavirus: Mike Pompeo Tells India  NDTV News
  5. Covid: India, US to partner on developing Covid vaccine; Pompeo calls up Jaishankar  The Tribune India
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  1. "Not At War. Sailors Don't Need To Die": US Captain On COVID-19-Hit Ship  NDTV News
  2. 'Sailors do not need to die,' warns captain of coronavirus-hit US aircraft carrier  Times of India
  3. Coronavirus: US Navy captain pleads for help over outbreak  BBC News
  4. US sailors will die unless coronavirus-hit aircraft carrier evacuated, captain warns  The Guardian
  5. ‘Sailors do not need to die’: Captain of nuclear aircraft carrier asks US government for help as coronavirus infects more than 100 on board  The Independent
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  1. China lockdown may have blocked 700,000 virus cases: Researchers  Moneycontrol
  2. China Reopens Markets Selling Bats, Pangolins After COVID-19 Effect Dips  NDTV News
  3. China's vaccine for coronavirus may be tested abroad: Official  Economic Times
  4. Winning the legal argument, China has learnt from history of great power relations  The Indian Express
  5. China’s ‘Deception’ Cost Humanity. When Will World Demand Answers?  The Quint
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US reaches H-1B cap of 65,000 for 2021  Times of IndiaView Full coverage on Google News
Bodies of 3 Sikhs killed in Kabul attack to be brought to India on Monday: Harsimrat  The Tribune IndiaView Full coverage on Google News
Coronavirus: How Dubai, Saudi returnees slipped under radar, leading to spike in cases  Times of IndiaView Full coverage on Google News
Netanyahu aide diagnosed with coronavirus, unclear if Israeli PM affected  Hindustan TimesView Full coverage on Google News
In Iraq, no resting place for coronavirus dead  Times of IndiaView Full coverage on Google News
Health insurance for Coronavirus: Eight important queries answered  MoneycontrolView Full coverage on Google News