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Donald Trump has threatened a veto of the legislation that would fund homeland security operations until Feb 8 and several other agencies through Sept because they do not provide any money for border wall.

President Donald Trump warned Friday that the partial government shutdown could go on for months or even years, delivering no real breakthrough with congressional leaders as his own administration scrambled to shore up support among Republicans for a gambit that has started to fracture.

Trump confirmed he said as much in a meeting earlier Friday with top Democrats that failed to produce a deal on ending the two-week shutdown.

Following a meeting with the Congressional leaders at the White House, ending in a stalemate, Donald Trump said he may call a national emergency to build a border wall which, he argues is essential.

President Donald Trump on Friday offered his most robust public case for the border wall since the partial government shutdown began two weeks ago, expounding for an hour at the White House about the need for a barrier to keep out terrorists and dissuade migrants while asserting he has the legal authority to build it without congressional consent.